Economy of Style on Show Me St. Louis!

I have exciting news! Yesterday, I appeared on Show Me St. Louis, a weekday television show on NBC showcasing the latest in fashion, food, lifestyle, and entertainment. I talked about my Redbook cover. I took you inside my closet. I invited you on a photo shoot for the blog. Want a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Economy of Style? Check out my segment on Show Me St. Louis.

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I want to convey a special thank you to Dana Dean, Show Me St. Louis, and KSDK for having me on the show.


My look:

Redbook’s September Issue Reaches St. Louis!

It’s here! It’s here! I walked into my favorite Barnes & Noble store this morning, and there it was. Redbook’s September issue. Sitting right in the middle of the women’s interest magazines.

The cashier at the register was curious as to why I was purchasing so many copies. When I showed her that I was on the cover, she was ecstatic and beamed with St. Louis pride. All of the customers in line gathered around. They were really happy to see a fellow St. Louisan on the cover. They were more thrilled with the notion that women who look just like them have gotten recognized in such a big way.

Barnes & Noble at Ladue Crossing

Let’s make today a #RealWomenTakeover. If you see the issue at your favorite newsstand, snap a pic, share on social media, and tag me. Here’s where you can find me:

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I know you’ve got great style too. When you share your favorite outfit of the day on social media, use the #RealStyleRealBeauty hashtag to join this movement.

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The Road to Redbook’s September Cover

There I was getting ready to be photographed by Chris Craymer. It was the image that actually appears on the September cover of Redbook. Picture this. Five people putting last minute touches on me at the same time. Clay Hawkins from celebrity hairstylist Marc Townsend’s team was teasing my afro puff. Munemi Imai, an international makeup artist, was reapplying my lipstick. A fashion assistant was putting on my shoes. Someone was making sure that my skin looked dewy. And, another staffer was fixing the sleeves on my white shirt. It was such a grand moment that it felt like an out-of-body experience.

I’ve had my blog for almost 8 years. It’s a one woman show. Redbook, on the other hand, is an entire village of professionals and experts working on a common project. For this project, the cover, the village included hairstylists, makeup artists, manicurists, tailors, a photographer, a video team, a set design team, and caterers. Then there’s the magazine editors and directors who for months seeded this daring idea to put regular women who simply share an enthusiasm for style on the cover of the magazine’s biggest issue of the year.

If you’ve read Redbook’s piece introducing the cover, then you’ve heard from Meredith Rollins, Editor-in-Chief of Redbook, who was adamant about keeping this September issue “real” by featuring the six winners of the Real Women Style Awards. And, keep it real, Redbook did. Since being chosen, every step of the process felt like it was designed to allow us to be our usual selves.

I walked into the Redbook offices on a Sunday for a fitting and met a rack filled with clothing I would choose for myself. Jennifer Hitzges, Fashion Director at Redbook and a superstar stylist, had actually scoured my blog and pulled selections she knew I would love. And, I did. Statement jewelry. Fresh pumps. My favorite silhouettes. Check, check, and check. I loved it all.

A few of the accessories available for my looks

As a black woman, I often take note of stories documenting the struggles of black models working in the fashion industry, from stylists being ill-equipped to work with their natural hair to makeup artists not having the right colors to flatter their skin tones. Not on the Redbook set. Munemi, the makeup artist, recreated my usual face, just way better.

Marc Townsend and his talented team of hair stylists not only whipped up a stunning puff on my natural hair, they were really excited for the chance to work with my kinks. 

Jeniese, Nikki, and I hanging with Clay Hawkins who knows how to do some black hair
and erased any fears we may have had about our hair that day.

Every Redbook staffer we engaged on this journey to the cover was so empowering and affirming. You got a sense that this is just the culture at Redbook, a culture that celebrates diversity. I wasn’t surprised either because as a longtime reader of the magazine, I’ve always felt that Redbook does a lot that speaks directly to me. I feel confident that in every issue, I can take a styling tip and apply it seamlessly to my life. I’m so honored, then, that I got to be a part of this major issue as a winner of the Real Women Style Awards.

If you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my experience, you’ll definitely want to hear from my new friends and fellow winners—Cassie FreemanChristine BuzanJeniese HoseyMarija Krosnjar, and Nikki Frenney-Wiggins.

The September issue of Redbook hits newsstands nationwide on August 18th. I can’t wait for you to see it. 

I’m on the Cover of Redbook Magazine!

Big thanks for your support! You’ve always helped me by visiting Economy of Style on the daily, making comments, and offering support. Now…you’ve helped me make it to the cover of Redbook magazine. Thanks so much. I really appreciate you.

Here’s the cover.

Photographed by Chris Craymer

I appear on the September issue of Redbook magazine along with Cassie, ChristineJeniese, Marija, and Nikki. The issue will hit newsstands on August 18th. In the meantime, find out more about Redbook’s decision to let bloggers grace the cover of its biggest issue of the year in Redbook Has Always Kept it Real—Now We’re Just Taking it Up a Notch.

Here’s a sneak peek of the look that’ll accompany my profile inside the issue:

Photographed by Chris Craymer

I’ll be talking more about this amazing experience in follow-up posts. I just couldn’t wait to share the big news with you.

Redbook’s Real Women Style Awards Finalist

Guess what? Yesterday, I found out that I was selected as a finalist in Redbook’s Real Women Style awards. I’m so excited and quite honored. Redbook’s editors chose 25 finalists, but you get to decide who wins. Voting is now open until May 22. You may vote once per day with a simple click (no sign-up required). I would really really really appreciate your vote. Pretty please! Did I say pretty please? Okay, good. Ha! Thanks for the support, y’all.

Visit the Redbook Real Women Style awards page and
vote for Psyche Southwell of Economy of Style.