Shoe Splurge at Marshalls

So, I am not quite sure if it is a good thing that there is a Marshalls right behind my gym.  I workout at my gym five days a week and have the desire to “stop in” the nearby Marshalls five days a week.  I go there so often that the young workers there say things like, “it’s good to see you again,” or “you are going to love these new shoes that we put out today.”

This particular Marshalls store gets new inventory on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Yes, I did ask.  So, when I stopped in today after my 9 am workout, there were lots of new goodies.

Check out what I bought.

Tahari Gibson flat.  I love the two-toned shoe trend.  These Tahari flats exude the same classic elegance of the famous Chanel pair, but at a mere fraction of the cost.

MICHAEL Michal Kors Fulton flat.  In this tobacco color, these flats are the perfect neutral shoe.  They will balance all the bold colors and prints I plan to sport this spring and summer.

I had a really nice pair from BR that I literally wore the soles off of.  The BR shoes can finally rest in peace.

Coach Caper Patent flat.  This hot pink pair is fabulous, but I may return them for two reasons.
(1) They look a tad bulky on my feet.
(2) More importantly, my SE Boutique magenta flats are good substitutes; so, this Coach pair does not add much value to my wardrobe.