Voluminous Dresses For Easy, Effortless Holiday Style

Go big or go home! Volume is having a major moment in fashion this year. From huge statement sleeves to oversized silhouettes, the bigger, the better. One trend that has particularly caught my eye is the voluminous tiered dress. I’ve added so many options to my Zara cart, but this green number was a must-have among all the voluminous dresses.

voluminous dresses

What I’m wearing:

Dress | Trench coat | Booties | Earrings | Watch (similar, similar)

voluminous dresses

My voluminous taffeta dress is from Zara. For reference, I’m wearing a size medium. I was instantly drawn to its “Bottle Green” color. The additional details, like its elbow-length balloon sleeves, v-neck, and asymmetric hem, sealed the deal for me though.

voluminous dresses

For an event recently (see an on-the-scene photo here), I wore my dress with a classic trench. This coat was an ideal topper because its golden beige hue complements the green well. The trench is also just the right length paired with the short dress.

I was attending a Kendra Scott event, so I thought it was fitting to rock my newest Kendra Scott earrings–the open Elle with crystals. Talking about size, I used to prefer the biggest Kendra Scott earrings, but since cutting my hair, I no longer like the look of larger earrings on me. If you like a more statement-making earring, this style is also available on the Danielle size.

How could I forget to mention that my favorite thing about voluminous dresses is how easy and effortless they wear. It’s like wearing a sack but making it fashion. Okay, that was a tad much, but you get what I mean. Needless to say this kind of silhouette is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

Location: Lola Jean’s giveback coffee, St. Louis

voluminous dresses

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It’s Time To Get Holiday RED-y

Holiday season is here for real now! In today’s holiday look, I’m sharing a couple items that bring holiday red and holiday edge to the table. The items are also special to me. The dress is by a young, talented designer–Olivia Rae Designs–in St. Louis. You may remember her name from my Good Housekeeping article about St. Louis. Some of her items are available at a boutique gem right in my neighborhood. The jacket is a custom-made piece from The Jacket Maker, which traveled across the globe to get to me.

holiday red dress

What I’m wearing:

Biker jacket c/o | Dress c/o | Boots (on sale!) | Earrings (similar)

Let’s talk about the dress. It’s a fiery red that’s simply perfect for any occasion you want to stand out at. Without a doubt then, it’s a go-to holiday red dress. It has a fitted bodice and a ruffle bottom. Olivia picked this dress out for me, and I’m glad she did. I usually avoid fitted silhouettes, but there’s something special about this one. It’s so flattering and hugs you in all the right places. For reference, I’m wearing a size 4.

holiday red dress

Of course, it’s freezing in St. Louis again. So, no holiday look is complete without a jacket that packs as much punch as your holiday dress. This leather jacket is it! It’s by The Jacket Maker, a company that strives to simplify personalization in fashion. We all deserve the perfect fit, right? Well, The Jacket Maker gives you that every time.

holiday red dress

My exact jacket is the Smolder Black Leather Biker Jacket. It had me at the color, the zipper closure, the zipper cuffs, the burnishing…seriously, I could go on. The winning detail, though, is that the jacket was customized just for my weight, height, and chest. When it arrived, it was perfect!

P.S.: Want to see something interesting? Check out my TikTok to see how far this jacket traveled to get to me.

Location: St. Louis Union Station. Downtown St. Louis

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An Easy, Chic White Pant Outfit For Fall

Sure, white pants, especially white jeans, are essentials during the summer. White bottoms can serve as those crisp, always-chic bases to create outfits around. That doesn’t change just because summer is over. You saw me transition my white ankle pants (see that look here) by letting them hold down a winter white suit. Today, I’m wearing the same white bottoms but in more laid-back white pant outfit.

white pant outfit

What I’m wearing:

Philosophy sweater (similar, similar, similar) | Pants |  Mules c/o

Anklet | Earrings (similar, similar) | Watch (similar, similar)

white pant outfit

Some colors just look especially sophisticated when paired with white. Many of those colors, from tan to brown to mustard, are popular during the fall. So, white pants definitely have a place in fall ensembles. I’m pairing a mustard sweater (see it before here) with my white ankle pants. The resulting combination? A simple yet magical white pant outfit.

white pant outfit

I found my sweater in TJ Maxx. I was lured by the color, but I also love the boatneck detail that allows me to drape it off the shoulder. This boatneck sweater in the same color would give a similar look. As it gets colder, you can layer under a wide-neck sweater or add a chunky scarf.

I Tried This Clothing Rental Subscription, And It’s Worth The Hype

This post is sponsored by Haverdash, a clothing rental subscription.

Managing the quantity and quality of my wardrobe is important to me, but doing so can be tricky as a blogger because of my content creation demands. I’ve become quite intrigued lately by the idea of clothing rentals, but a few concerns always gave me pause. On a whim, though, I tried Haverdash, a clothing rental subscription for the everyday woman, and I’ve been converted. This clothing rental subscription, which costs only $59/month, offers a few perks that are totally worth that fee. I’m breaking it all down below.

clothing rental

Before delving into all the reasons I’m hooked on Haverdash, I must let you know that EVERY look featured in this post is created using my Haverdash rentals. My concern about not finding items I’d even want to try? Not an issue with Haverdash at all. Also, the monthly fee of $59 allows you to rent 3 items at a time, wear them, return them, and get more for as many times as you can fit in a month.

Scroll down below for the top 5 reasons I’m a fan of clothing rental subscriptions after trying Haverdash.

clothing rental

1. Experiment with styles/trends you’re not ready or don’t want to commit to.

The moment I started my Haverdash subscription, I added styles to my closet that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase. Back-out sweaters, faux leather midi skirts, denim skirts…if it caught my eye, I tried it. It’s a no-risk experiment because I could wear the items (or not) and return them. Of course, I ended up loving everything.

clothing rental

2. You can always have a fresh outfit for any occasion.

I’m a huge proponent of repeating items and outfits, but sometimes you just don’t want to wear the same thing around the same people or in the same space. With rentals, you never have to worry about that. Wear it once, return it, get something new.

3. Don’t want to part with a rental? You can purchase it at a discounted price.

When I unboxed this striped sweater with the stunning opening in the back, I knew I wouldn’t want to part with it. And, I don’t have to. Every item you rent is available for purchase at a discounted rate. It’s like giving items a trial run before they earn a permanent spot in your closet. Win-win!

clothing rental

4. You never have to pay for dry cleaning.

I love that once you’re done with the items in a shipment, you simply pack them up, place them in the pre-paid bag, and send them back. Haverdash handles the dry cleaning. Less laundry for me? I’m so here for that.

5. Unlimited access to the latest styles

One of my favorite features about the Haverdash setup is your monthly fee gives you unlimited access to the styles you want to wear. You’re allowed to rent 3 items at a time. Once you’re done with them, send them back and 3 new items will instantly be shipped to you.

Have you tried a clothing rental subscription? Tell me below. If you haven’t tried Haverdash yet, try it today! You will be glad you did. Check out my Instagram and Instagram stories later today for a glimpse inside the process (from unboxing to styling).

A Fun Way To Rework Your Favorite Jackets For Fall

I’ve been a huge fan of rocking your blazer with nothing under it (see here). No bra. No top. The blazer essentially becomes a top. I love the subtly sexy (or totally sexy) look it creates, so I decided to experiment with the styling on other favorite jackets. Here’s one attempt that really works.

favorite jackets as tops

What I’m wearing:

Jacket as top (option, option) | Flare faux-leather leggings | Studded mules

Earrings: V studs, ball studs, ear cuff | Anklet

My jacket is an old Max Studio style that I found in an outlet store. It’s a jacquard jacket with super-sized balloon sleeves and a single button closure. I’ve worn it as a kimono top before, by wrapping and then belting the front (see how here). Today, I’m simply wearing it as a puff sleeve top.

favorite jackets as tops

The jacket has a plunging v-neckline that is perfect for layering necklaces. I wear my 14K gold initial necklace and my 14k gold lariat bar necklace (similar style).

favorite jackets as tops

The bottom options with a jacket worn as a top are plentiful. I’m especially loving the kick flare trend, so I went that route. These flare faux leather leggings from Zara are favorites. I’m wearing them in a size large. This top would also look amazing with my Madewell mini flare jeans because they have a similar silhouette.

Location: Angad Arts Hotel, St. Louis

How are your reworking your favorite jackets this fall?