Starting My Laser Hair Removal Journey As A Black Woman

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Lasers aren’t for you. Lasers aren’t for you. I’ve heard that so often. As a black woman with hyperactive skin, I’ve been curious about laser hair removal as an alternative to waxing. But, I always hesitated because some laser technology is simply not sophisticated enough for dark skin. So, from hyperpigmentation to scarring, the possibilities of side effects for dark skin scared me away. But, after my visit to Milan Laser Hair Removal, I learned quickly that there were safe and effective options for me after all.

Laser Hair removal

Milan Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Last November, I walked into a Milan Laser Hair Removal consultation with a long list of questions. I threw question after question at the manager, interrogation style. She didn’t even flinch. Instead, one-by-one, her answers put me at ease. For one, all laser treatments at Milan are provided by medical professionals. And, the best news? The laser technology used is precise enough to target the hair follicle on the darkest skin tones.

Laser Hair removal

My First Laser Hair Removal Procedure

My response? Sign me up! Seriously, I walked in just for a consultation and went straight into an underarm laser treatment. I felt especially confident at the Brentwood Milan Laser location because of Abby, the medical professional on site. She has a background in dermatology, and her competence is so evident. She’s quick too, making the process a breeze.

Laser Hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Progress

I’ve been doing laser treatments every 5 weeks since that first session. I feel like I am basically hair-free under my arms and an added bonus is the way it seems like the skin doesn’t appear shadowed anymore from the irritation or stubble that comes with shaving.

Special Offer

I’m giving you a glimpse into how quick and easy the process is in this video. I’ve also enjoyed the benefits so much that I’m tackling my bikini line next. Stay tuned for updates on my journey. And, of course, if you’re even contemplating laser hair removal, I highly recommend Milan Laser Hair Removal. Schedule a consultation. You’d be surprised how much more affordable this method can be. As an added incentive, if you use the code Psyche60, you can get 60% off any Unlimited Package at any Milan location in the country. Can’t beat that!

Practicing Self-Love With 3 Black Woman-Owned Brands

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that wherever you are, you are feeling love (and warmth…because it’s freezing in St. Louis). I thought I’d do a fun post in honor of Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and women making boss moves in general. I’m sharing three amazing gifts by black woman-owned Brands that always make me feel loved on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Black Woman-Owned Brands

Black Woman-Owned Brands That Are Perfect For Gifting (To Yourself or Others)
1. Golden Grocer Golden Box (Monthly Subscription, $25/month)

I was recently in Golden Grocer where I visit often to get my Adina’s Vegan Cuisine fix. Golden Grocer is a natural food, supplements, and beauty store based in St. Louis. I ran into the new owner, Jamila Owens-Todd, and she told me all about the new monthly subscription box. Of course, I had to try it. The image below literally captures my reaction when I unboxed the January box and saw that it was filled with vegan goodies that I already love or always wanted to try. The subscription is only $25/month or $20/month with a 6-month subscription.

Black Woman-Owned Brands

2. Soaplife360 Skincare Products

I attended a life-changing women’s wellness event last year. I met Coco Kennell, owner and founder of Soaplife360, a natural beauty and skincare line. Y’all know my sensitive, dry skin woes. I bought a butter and soap that night, and my skin thanked me for it. So, I’ve been so excited to explore other products in the line.

I’m in the process of checking out the line, but I had to check in and shout-out the Rose and Aloe Hydrating Toner. I’ve used it EVERY day since receiving it, as a hydrating mist, as a toner in my skincare routine, and as a setting spray for my makeup. I’m also currently using the brand’s 360 Cleansing Ritual Beauty Set. It’s a perfect way to try top products from the line, and it’s TSA-approved for airplane travel. I’ll be sharing more about my favorite products and a coupon code from the brand soon.

Black Woman-Owned Brands

3. Pat McGrath Lippies

No surprise, I found my PERFECT red lip in the MatteTrance lipstick collection by Pat McGrath. If you’ve been curious to try the line but not quite sure about forking over $40 for one lipstick, the minis below might be for you. You get to try 3 MatteTrance lippies for $25! The set below is my favorite and includes my go-to red lipstick.

I’m wearing Elson from Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Colour Blitz V2 set. There are 3 sets of the minis to satisfy everyone, even the neutral lovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Tried This Clothing Rental Subscription, And It’s Worth The Hype

This post is sponsored by Haverdash, a clothing rental subscription.

Managing the quantity and quality of my wardrobe is important to me, but doing so can be tricky as a blogger because of my content creation demands. I’ve become quite intrigued lately by the idea of clothing rentals, but a few concerns always gave me pause. On a whim, though, I tried Haverdash, a clothing rental subscription for the everyday woman, and I’ve been converted. This clothing rental subscription, which costs only $59/month, offers a few perks that are totally worth that fee. I’m breaking it all down below.

clothing rental

Before delving into all the reasons I’m hooked on Haverdash, I must let you know that EVERY look featured in this post is created using my Haverdash rentals. My concern about not finding items I’d even want to try? Not an issue with Haverdash at all. Also, the monthly fee of $59 allows you to rent 3 items at a time, wear them, return them, and get more for as many times as you can fit in a month.

Scroll down below for the top 5 reasons I’m a fan of clothing rental subscriptions after trying Haverdash.

clothing rental

1. Experiment with styles/trends you’re not ready or don’t want to commit to.

The moment I started my Haverdash subscription, I added styles to my closet that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase. Back-out sweaters, faux leather midi skirts, denim skirts…if it caught my eye, I tried it. It’s a no-risk experiment because I could wear the items (or not) and return them. Of course, I ended up loving everything.

clothing rental

2. You can always have a fresh outfit for any occasion.

I’m a huge proponent of repeating items and outfits, but sometimes you just don’t want to wear the same thing around the same people or in the same space. With rentals, you never have to worry about that. Wear it once, return it, get something new.

3. Don’t want to part with a rental? You can purchase it at a discounted price.

When I unboxed this striped sweater with the stunning opening in the back, I knew I wouldn’t want to part with it. And, I don’t have to. Every item you rent is available for purchase at a discounted rate. It’s like giving items a trial run before they earn a permanent spot in your closet. Win-win!

clothing rental

4. You never have to pay for dry cleaning.

I love that once you’re done with the items in a shipment, you simply pack them up, place them in the pre-paid bag, and send them back. Haverdash handles the dry cleaning. Less laundry for me? I’m so here for that.

5. Unlimited access to the latest styles

One of my favorite features about the Haverdash setup is your monthly fee gives you unlimited access to the styles you want to wear. You’re allowed to rent 3 items at a time. Once you’re done with them, send them back and 3 new items will instantly be shipped to you.

Have you tried a clothing rental subscription? Tell me below. If you haven’t tried Haverdash yet, try it today! You will be glad you did. Check out my Instagram and Instagram stories later today for a glimpse inside the process (from unboxing to styling).

How To Embrace Fall’s IT Color In Your Beauty Routine

Pistachio green is projected to be fall’s IT color. It’s not my favorite color to wear in clothing, but I love eyeshadows in shades of green. I did an IT-Color-inspired makeup look in a Beauty Brands collaboration over on Instagram, so I thought I’d share everything that I used to create that FOTD here as well.

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Pistachio green is set to be fall’s biggest color trend. This color lover, though, probably won’t be wearing clothing in that hue. But on my eyes? For sure! I shopped the @beauty.brands #BBLashBash yesterday, an annual event that makes top brand mascaras only $10.98! I may or may not have bought 3. I saved so much on mascara, though, that I also picked up an eyeshadow palette and some other goodies I’m using in this video to create a fall green beauty look. Whatcha think? P.S. the sale ends on September 29. Check my stories for a link and a glimpse inside the Lash Bash experience. #economyofstyle #stlouisblogger #blackstyleblogger #liveincolor #blackbeautyblogger #styleover40

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Beauty Products:

Pat McGrath foundation (Medium Deep 26) | Mac Studio Finish concealer (NC50)

Too Faced Born This Way concealer for brightening (Mocha)

Sigma Beauty Enchanted palette | bareMineral blush (coral)

Pat McGrath matte lipstick (Elson 013) | Becca Highlighter (Topaz)

Benefit brow gel (4) | Benefit brow pencil (4)

Buxom Lash Volumizing mascara | Smashbox SuperFan mascara

The Beauty Faves Behind This New Glow

When even your iPhone camera can capture your glow, you know you’re doing something right. I snapped this picture while at brunch last Sunday. I shared it on Instagram and got a few questions via DM about the products I used to achieve this easy summer look. Today, I’m sharing all those beauty faves.

I couldn’t resist trying the new Pat McGrath foundation. What it promises to do–offer sheer to medium coverage with a natural finish–is exactly what I look for in a foundation for my dry skin. It’s also free of synthentic fragrances, which is a major plus for me. Once I found my match (Medium Deep 26) and tried it on, I became an instant fan.  I’m wearing it alone with no setting powder.

Below, you’ll find everything I used to create this particular look. From the combination of brow products I rely on to my under-eye concealer for brightening to my go-to blush and highlighter. The exact colors I use are in parentheses.

P.S. I’m also wearing lashes (not pictured below). They’re this set by Kiss applied using the Kiss Lash Couture glue.


Beauty faves

Beauty Faves:

Pat McGrath foundation (Medium Deep 26) | Fenty foundation brush

Too Faced Born This Way concealer (Mocha) | Charlotte Tilbury blush (Love is the Drug)

Pat McGrath matte lipstick (Elson 013) | Becca Highlighter (Topaz)

Urban Decay Perversion mascara | Urban Decay Perversion liquid eyeliner

Benefit brow gel (4) | Benefit brow pencil (4) | Urban Decay eye shadow palette