Economy of Style on Show Me St. Louis!

I have exciting news! Yesterday, I appeared on Show Me St. Louis, a weekday television show on NBC showcasing the latest in fashion, food, lifestyle, and entertainment. I talked about my Redbook cover. I took you inside my closet. I invited you on a photo shoot for the blog. Want a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Economy of Style? Check out my segment on Show Me St. Louis.

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I want to convey a special thank you to Dana Dean, Show Me St. Louis, and KSDK for having me on the show.


My look:

Stackable Jewelry Storage Back in Stock

I shared my solution for keeping my expanding jewelry collection contained in the Clear, Customizable Jewelry Storage post. The Container Store’s luxe acrylic drawers are my favorite for storing statement pieces of jewelry. The drawers are large enough, allowing necklaces to sit safely. The drawers are clear, allowing pieces to be on display. The drawers also stack, giving the option to add additional drawers as needed.

These drawers became so popular, though, that The Container Store couldn’t keep them in stock (in-store nor online). For months! I was thrilled, then, to finally see the entire drawer system restocked. I’ve since added a couple new large drawers. Check out my new setup.

Statement necklace sitting pretty in a large clear drawer.

Four large clear drawers stacked

4-section swivel organizer. It’s perfect for storing bracelets and earrings.

Clear, Customizable Jewelry Storage

Some of you may recall that I shared my jewelry storage system in Economy of Style Closet, Part I. Well, my jewelry collection has already outgrown that setup. I blame the amazing jewelry sales at J.Crew and Anthropologie this year.

As a huge fan of the Container Store’s acrylic storage system, I returned to the store in search of clear containers that were large enough to safely store statement necklaces. I found a modular system with perfectly-sized display drawers that even stack securely for vertical storage. I purchased two of the largest drawers in that system. What I really like is that I can add more if as my collection grows. For now, my jewelry is sitting pretty again, making it so much easier for me to choose accessories when getting dressed.

New additions
Large clear drawers (on sale)

Already owned

3-drawer box

4-section swivel organizer

Question mark dish

Economy of Style Closet, Part II

Today, we complete the two-part Economy of Style Closet series (see part I on jewelry storage).  This post highlights some of the tools I use to maximize the space in my  tiny 43″W x 21 1/2″D closet.  Space is limited, but all my clothes fit in the closet.

Small closet organization, Add-on skirt-pant hangers

Shoe storage, Handbag Storage, dressing room decor

Small Closet Storage Essentials

1.  Huggable Hangers
Earlier this year, I replaced all of my plastic hangers with velvet huggable hangers.  That was a crucial space-saving decision because the slim-design of these hangers allows them to occupy much less space than traditional plastic or wood hangers.  An added bonus is that the velvet surface of these hangers prevents items from slipping off the hangers.

2.  Add-on Skirt/Pant Hangers ℅ Anna’s Linens
Add-on skirt hangers allow me to hang several skirts or pants in the space that a single hanger would typically take up.  This feature is a major space-saver.  I hang similar skirts and pants together (for e.g. black dressy skirts).  Anna’s Linens carries 3 packs of add-on skirt hangers for $3.99, making it affordable to adopt this system, so I stocked up on a few packages.

3.  Bookcase (similar)
Fancy shoe shelving can be pricey.  So, I use an inexpensive bookcase as storage for my shoes.  Whether you choose to display your shoes or keep them boxed like I do, a bookcase is a great option.

4.  Original Shoe Boxes (alternative)
I like the idea of keeping items on display in my closet, but I insist on storing shoes in boxes to avoid having to dust them.  For now, I keep my shoes in their original boxes.  I’ll eventually start phasing in the use of crystal clear shoe boxes that keep the shoes protected and visible.

5.  Chevron Storage Boxes (similar, similar)
These storage boxes are ideal for storing small items like clutches, sash belts, gloves, and knit hats.  It keeps them contained and the box looks decorative on the shelf.

See how my dressing room has changed by looking back at my 2011 post, Organizing a Small Closet on a Budget.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored in part by Anna’s Linens.  All of the images and opinions are my own.

Economy of Style Closet, Part I

Today, we’re taking a look at where it all begins here at Economy of Style—the closet!  This post is the first of a two-part series on my closet organization.  This first post spotlights my jewelry station.  Arm candy and statement necklaces deserve to sit pretty and safely even when not in use.

I was inspired to launch this mini series after purchasing a few new accent pieces for my closet in Anna’s Linens, a retailer of value-priced home fashions.  Check out the affordable pieces I found in Anna’s Linens and all the essentials in my jewelry storage system.

Jewelry storage, How to Store Jewelry

Jewelry Storage Ideas, Affordable Storage ideas for jewelry

My Jewelry Station Essentials

1.  3-Drawer Clear/Chrome Box

This clear, 3-drawer box is perfect for housing jewelry, from statement necklaces to watches.  I’m fond of the clear storage boxes because they protect my favorite pieces of jewelry while keeping them visible.

2.  4-Section Acrylic Swivel Organizer

The acrylic swivel organizer is my favorite storage option for bracelets, earrings, rings, and dainty necklaces.  The swivel design is cool looking and makes it easy to access its contents.

3.  Decorative Tray (Option)

A decorative tray functions equally well as an accent piece as it does additional storage.  I use mine to hold my acrylic storage organizers.

4.  Shadow Box

Jewelry as art!  A shadow box keeps my favorite Kendra Scott earrings on display.  Being able to hang the box capitalizes on available wall space as well. 

5.  Kate Spade ‘Say the Word’ Dish

This crystal dish with its whimsical design is gorgeous to look at and serves as a temporary resting place for jewelry when I first remove it at the end of a day.

6.  Gift Boxes

Some retailers have such pretty packaging that even the packaging deserves to be on display.  I like the look of Kate Spade boxes, so I keep some of my Kate Spade jewelry housed in the original boxes.

7.  Artisan Rug ℅ Anna’s Linens

This rug’s print is in total harmony with the design of the decorative tray in the space. The rug is only $7.99 in Anna’s Linens and comes in various sizes too.  

8.  Decorative Candle ℅ Anna’s Linens

The design etched on the glass holding this candle introduced a beautiful texture into the jewelry station.  The candle smells great too.  The candle retails for $3.99 (on sale) in Anna’s Linens.

9.  Oleg Cassini Crystal Paperweight (similar, similar, similar)

This faceted crystal that’s cut in the shape of a diamond adds some bling to the jewelry station.

10.  Soft-sided Hamper ℅ Anna’s Linens

I keep this soft-sided hamper in this section of the dressing room because of its fresh print.  The hamper, which retails for $12.99 in Anna’s Linens, serves as additional storage for anything from blankets to laundry that spills over from my wicker hamper.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored in part by Anna’s Linens.  All of the images and opinions are my own.