How To Transform An Empty Corner Into A Workspace

I started a new position in tech (more on that later), and it’s completely remote. I found myself often working from my dining table. You see, my husband’s office and my closet-office are both upstairs, and when we’re both speaking on zoom, it’s chaotic. Since he uses a desktop, and I use a MacBook, I relocate. I wanted a more permanent solution for this situation. So, I started scouting my house for the ideal location for a home workspace.

Location Scouting

I considered the big closet downstairs, but the position didn’t feel feng shui. I thought about the small room next to our dining room, but it’s too close to a bathroom. I then considered an empty corner of the dining room, and I saw serious potential. As an added bonus, there’s an electrical outlet right in the corner too. I took some measurements and decided that if I could find a desk that’ll fit perfectly in the corner, this could be a go. Found one!

home workspace

What I’m Wearing:

Jogger set hoodie + shorts | Blue light glasses | Kendra Scott earrings

home workspace

The Right Desk

Choosing the right desk required some thought and planning. I wanted enough useable surface space for my needs, but I was working with limited space. The solution? A ladder desk with the perfect dimensions for my empty corner, sufficient surface space, and two additional shelves that maximize the tight corner.

home workspace
Desk Essentials

To boost functionality at my desk, organization is critical. So, I added pieces that maximize every bit of the space. My laptop stand (under $30) is essential because not only does it prop my MacBook up to a comfortable viewing height, it also reclaims so much desk space. I can slide my external keyboard right under it when not in use. My vertical laptop stand (under $30) is another must-have because it’s a sharp-looking and space-saving way to stow away my personal MacBook and my iPad. Since I’m facing a wall and next to window, I use a small ring light (under $20) that I can clip to my screen or sit on the shelf above me for the perfect light for video meetings. It’s USB chargeable, which is such a plus.

home workspace

The rest of my accessories are just personal things I find inspirational. From words of affirmation (some stickers from an event that I framed) to special photos to meaningful artifacts, each was chosen with love. My lamp is from TJ Maxx. I got it mainly for the look and to add a little light to the workspace. It has a USB port, which is convenient. I usually use that port to charge my ring light. The fake greenery is from Target.

Finishing Touches

I wanted this little corner to feel like its own space, so I added this accent wall as a room divider. And, get this? The pattern is created using decals I found on Etsy (shop them here). And, of course, because Nevis (my Havanese dog) wants to be wherever I am, I got this Ikea bed for him. I wish I could get him to stay on it instead of on my lap, but that’s another story. The fake plant in a seagrass basket is from Ikea as well. My mid-century modern chair was a fortunate Ross find, but I usually shop desk chairs at Wayfair. I chose a woven wastebasket because it fits the overall decor. I use it to store extra cables and other stuff I want tucked away. The bamboo shades are really old, but I believe I found them at Wayfair.

Location: Home sweet home, Shaw Historic District, St. Louis

5 Easy Updates To Your Work Outfits This Year

This post is sponsored by J.Crew Factory.

Curating chic work outfits can be so easy and affordable with the right pieces. I’ve been busy exploring the new office-ready styles at J.Crew Factory. Today, I’m sharing some essential pieces to give our work outfits a 2020 style update. And, the best news? Everything is 50% off right now in the 9-5 Event.

5 Tips for Updated Work Outfits
1. Feel the blues

No matter how conservative or casual your workplace, choose work essentials in shades of blue instead of the usual black. Shades of blue are having a well-deserved style moment this year. Nothing is as classic and sharp as navy blue. And, the color (and overall shape) on the cotton blazer I’m wearing is simply perfect.

updated work outfits

Wearing: Blazer | Bermuda shorts | Blouse | Blue-light glasses | Flats (similar) | Earrings

2. Play with silhouettes

There’s been a refocus on silhouette in fashion in recent years, and I’m loving it. I’m especially a fan of the pant trends. From the return of kick flare pants to Bermuda shorts, there are some cool ways to add fresh elements to your work outfits. If you work in a creative workspace and can wear shorts, opt for Bermuda shorts in your suits.

updated work outfits

By the way, these Bermuda shorts come in a few colors, including Smoky Wisteria, the same color of my blouse. Can you see a style moment happening if I pair them together? Yass!

If  long shorts won’t be appropriate for your workplace, the wide leg cropped pants is an ideal option to add something fresh to your suiting wardrobe.

3. Add pearls of wisdom

Not your grandma’s pearls! Pearls have become go-to accessories for fashion enthusiasts in the last couple years. And, the faux pearl options at J.Crew Factory are so stylish. I’ve been rocking these tiny pearl hoop earrings every week since receiving them (seen also here). If you want something a tad bolder, you must see the larger pearl hoop earrings and the even trendier hook pearl earrings.

updated work outfits

4. Reimagine Neutrals

You’ve probably heard it before. Animal prints are the new neutrals. There’s a lot of truth in that, especially when the print you wear is the chic, soft, snake print I’m rocking below.

WearingBlazer | Camisole | PantsBlue-light glasses | Flats (similar)

updated work outfits

I was instantly drawn to this print when it launched. My only struggle was deciding between the pieces. You see, the print is also available on a dress, sweater, midi skirt, and button-up top. I tried a few combinations, all beautiful, but the camisole and Pants are the winning combination in my book. It gives the look of a jumpsuit without the fuss of a jumpsuit. To make it office appropriate just add the cotton blazer.

updated work outfits

5. Protect your eyes in style

Don’t need glasses but love the look? Stare at tech devices for several hours a day? Blue-Light glasses are the in-thing right now. In full disclosure, there is limited research on the effectiveness of wearing blue-light glasses when staring at screens, but many users swear by them. To be totally honest, I grabbed these classic femme blue-light glasses because of their look. If they help reduce the eye strain I often experience, that’s an added bonus.

Wearing: Classic femme blue-light glasses

updated work outfits

Like the items in this post? Now is a great time to get ’em! Everything is on sale. Today through 3/1, you get 50% off all office-ready styles in-store. You can also get 50% off during The 9-5 Event online through 2/22. Look out for more work style daily deals online from 2/24 to 2/28.

Shop essentials for your updated work outfits: