Hair Story Part IV

In the last few years, I have made some major and sometimes spontaneous changes to my hair.  Many of you have noticed and I have received a few requests for an updated hair post.  So, here it is!

If you have seen my earliest hair posts (Hair Story Part I and Hair Story Part II), then you would remember that I wore locs for 8 years, started cutting them, and then completely transitioned back to loose natural hair in 2008.

Flashback to December 2008.  Twist-out.

I had lots of fun working with my loose natural hair for about two years.  By the end of summer 2010, I thought I was ready for another set of locks.

August 2010.  First set of coils in preparation to loc.

September 2010.  Installed new set of coils.
Fewer and larger coils this time.

In the Fall of 2010, I was deep into Zumba, doing seven hours of the dance fitness workout every week.  Since I sweat profusely in Zumba, though, my starter locs were having a hard time locking.

By November of 2010, I abandoned the loc plans and changed my hair to accommodate my workouts. Seriously. I decided to cut my hair because of my workout schedule. My zumba classes are at night and I would have to teach in the mornings on some of the following days. I needed a style that I could wash often and would look chic without styling (twists, braids, twist-outs, etc). The answer for me was a low, tapered fro.

I found a local natural hair stylist who could do a dry cut without blow-drying or flat ironing my hair and I got in her chair. The stylist had worked with my larger fro before, so she recommended a length (a bit longer than I asked for) to ease into the new shape.

November, 2010.  Day after new cut.
Twist-out from twists done on dry hair.

November, 2010.  Wet set twist-out.

I returned 6 weeks later and asked the stylist to cut the hair lower.  This is the look I got.

December 2010.  Lower tapered fro.

I loved the lower cut, but it was too short to twist in the shortest areas.  I now visit my stylist every 8 weeks to shape up the cut and have been maintaining more length each time.

January 2011

May 2011.  Longer tapered fro.

June 17, 2011.  Most recent cut.  Decided to go lower.

Regarding products, I am still using my favorite Darcy’s Botanicals products.  Check out Hair Story Part III for details.

For now, the shorter do is working for me.  But, who knows what I will get the urge to do next?

Has your lifestyle influenced your hairstyle choices or vice versa?

Hair Story Pt. III: Product Update

Ok now. In parts I and II, I reported major hair changes. There are none this time. I am still rocking the fro.

The big news is, however, that I have discovered the Darcy’s Botanicals line of hair products and have been using the products exclusively since July of 2009. Yes, Darcy’s B. products have bumped all my other favorites out of my regimen.

What has me hooked?

  1. Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Crème. I use this as a leave-in conditioner. It is the first product that has left my hair feeling as moisturized when dry as it does when my hair is still wet.
  2. Herbal Tea Leave-in Conditioning Spritz. This spritz moisturizes and conditions instantly. With just a spritz, my comb glides through sections of my hair. I use it mainly as a detangler when my hair is dry, but also use it to refresh styles like twists, braids, and twist-outs.
  3. Madagascar Vanilla Styling Crème. Now, I have never been a fan of hair butters until trying this product. It is whipped to perfection and hence easily absorbed by my hair. I use it to moisturize, condition, and style.
  4. Deep Conditioning Mask. This is a serious deep conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling luxuriously soft and very fortified. While I usually have to dab on globs of conditioner, I can use this product sparingly.

     Hair styled with DB Faves (flat twist-out)

Want to try the products?
Get 15% off using Naturalbornqueen’s coupon code: Queen.

Disclaimer: Aight y’all, you may have read the new FTC regulations regarding blog endorsements of products. I have no material connections to Darcy’s Botanicals. I bought all the products mentioned in this post myself.

Hair Story Pt. II

Alright y’all. My hair has changed a lot since my last hair story. I must first apologize for this late reply to all the questions I received since changing my profile picture over on the right. But, here goes. After an 8-year lock journey, I wanted a new look, so I returned to my fro! Big change, right?

As shown above, there are several styles that can be achieved with locks (photos snapped in 2008). But, this time around, I wanted hair that was big. I wanted hair that was full. So, I unleashed my fro by cutting and loosing out my locks.

To manage the new mane, I sought the expertise of the YouTube Naturals, frequenting the channels of Rustic Beauty, BrownfaceTV, Naturally Scandalous, and many others. I also morphed into a product junkie, sampling every hair product line from Karen’s Body Beautiful to Miss Jessie’s. Those expensive product testing days are over, for I have found what my hair needs in the Komaza Care line.

Here’s an updated favorite haircare products list.

Favorite shampoo—Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Shampoo. It leaves my scalp clean without stripping my hair of moisture. I’ve also become a fan of the Khoret Amen Herbal Shampoo after finding it in Marshalls for $4.99.

Favorite Conditioner—Komaza Care Califa Care Conditioner. My tangles surrender to this conditioner. And, it smells amazing.

Favorite Moisturizer—Komaza Care Shea Butter Lotion. This light and non-greasy lotion penetrates my hair leaving it soft and shiny.

Favorite Moisturizing Spray—Komaza Care Califa Care Spray. This is not your watered down conditioning spray. It is thick and rich with conditioners. It is so thick that I usually dilute it thereby stretching one bottle.

Favorite Stylers—Komaza Care Coconut Curl Lotion and Coconut Hair Pudding. Both of these products are moisturizers in their own right. So, when I want well-defined curls, I just use these products, either the curl lotion alone or both the curl lotion and the hair pudding.


Hair Story

Here goes. I mentioned my hair sometime back when talking about my favorite low-budget hair products. Since then I have received a few requests for hair posts. I thought I would respond to these today, especially since I just got a great hair cut!
I have had my hair locked since 2000. After a major cut in 2006, I’ve been growing it out. Lately, I’ve felt like my hair did’nt quite fit my style (it had length, no shape, and hence ended up in a ponytail on most days).
This past weekend I turned to the fabulous Erica at Natural Uhuru for a change. She gave me a layered cut and then a curl (using some perm rods). I am really happy with the result.
Of course, I did not take a before picture. So, I had to improvise…

My Favorite Low Budget Things: Hair Care

Lock it up. Get this; my favorite shampoo is a $0.97 bottle of Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist. It is infused with watermint extract and vitamin E and has a magnificent smell. To condition my locks, I use Organic Root Stimulator’s Hair Mayonnaise. Organic Root Stimulator’s shea butter lotion provides just enough moisture for the scalp and hair without clogging pores like the oils do. The best thing about this product has to be the smell though. To twist, I avoid gunk like the waxes and opt for Organic Root Stimulator’s very light lock and twist gel.

Suave shampoo—Wal-Mart

Organic Root Stimulator Products—Any beauty supply store