New Favorite Dance Fitness Shoe: Ryka Transition

A year and a half ago, I got introduced to zumba almost by accident.  I was taking a morning sampler workout class, which offered a different exercise routine every two weeks.  I had to travel during the first week of zumba, but luckily caught the second week because I was instantly hooked.  

Soon after starting zumba workouts, it was apparent that I didn’t have the right shoes.  With all the jumping, twisting, and lateral moves, my Puma cross trainers were holding me back and also a bit dangerous.

I did a few google searches and found several lists of the “Best Shoes for Zumba.”  From the lists, I chose a pair-Ryka Studio D-that I felt might work best for me and they did.  The Ryka Studio D significantly improved the quality of my zumba workouts.

Ryka Studio D

I have owned my first pair of Rykas for almost a year now and they have held up quite well, but with my rigorous workout schedule, it’s time for a new pair.  Of course, my plan was to get a new pair of the same shoe. When I tried to do just that, however, the Studio D was sold out everywhere (Zappos now has them back in stock for $60).   I sought an alternative and found the Ryka Transition.

I hesitated to get the Transition sneaker at first, but a couple weeks ago when I saw that Finish Line had them on sale for $29.98, I snagged them.  I didn’t think it was possible, but I actually like the Transition even more than the Studio D.  They are mesh for easy breathability.  The ortholite insole is removable and can be washed.  The midsoles provide superb lateral stability.  The soles have minimal grip making it easy to move on the dance floor.  And, unlike other dance shoes, my feet feel like they are in a cushioned paradise.

Ryka Transition

Finish Line has the above color on sale.  I might need a backup pair, though, perhaps the white (on sale at Amazon for $49.96)?

Top-GapBodyFit, Pants-Kyodan via Marshalls
Shoes-Ryka Transition via Finish Line

Getting Fit Fabulously, A Cheaper Alternative

In Getting Fit Fabulously, I talked about my discovery of the GapBodyFit line, a super chic workout wear collection that makes me feel fabulous while working out.  Though a great value, the GapBodyFit collection is somewhat pricey when not on sale.

Since I am still trying to expand my workout wardrobe, I decided to try the lower priced Danskin Now line available at Walmart.

So far, I have bought and tested the Danskin Now leggings ($8) and the shelf-bra, racerback tank ($7). Those prices are unbelievable, right?    Let me just say, the leggings with a comfy, wide waistband have an amazing fit.  The tanks were also quite comfortable, but the dri-more technology was not as effective as the stay dry features of items in the GapBodyFit line.

At the Danskin Now prices, I will definitely buy another pair of leggings and perhaps try the bootcut pants.

Have you tried the Danskin Now line?

Tank—Danskin Now Via Walmart
Leggings—Danskin Now Via Walmart

Getting Fit Fabulously

I discovered Zumba in 2010 and have been hooked since. So, recommitting to working out in the New Year has been easier than ever.

I have also found that incorporating my style in my workout attire makes working out even more enjoyable.  So, I decided to try a few items in the stylish GapBodyFit collection because of the overwhelming positive reviews for most of the pieces. I am glad I did because I love the fit, the styles (with features from lace to draping), and the moisture-wicking fabric of all the collection’s items.

Now, the GapBodyFit collection is somewhat pricey with the pants costing about $49.50. After a few workouts in the pants, though, I think they are worth the price. But, Gap is currently making things easier on the wallet with its 30% off GapBodyFit items.

These are the items I have bought to so far.

Workout Wear

Zumba! I used to dread working out and my workout wear reflected those feelings as it was quite dreadful—old tees and sweat pants. I discovered Zumba last spring, though, and have been hooked ever since. Now, I find myself trying to establish a workout style that is as chic as I am passionate about Zumba. Of course, there is official zumba gear, but until I decide to splurge on that stuff, I have found a few low-cost favorites.

My favorite workout top is the C9 by Champion racer tank top. It gives me all the support I need and the ruching design on the back is quite chic. My current favorite workout pants is the Old Navy yoga stretch pants. These pants are comfy and move when you move.  They Ryka Studio D sneaker has become my favorite pair of dance fitness shoes because it is stylish and gives multi-directional support.

In today’s post, I am wearing a racerback tank with leggings and my zumba/belly dancing hip scarf.  My Ryka sneakers complete this workout look.

Tank—C9 by Champion via Target

Leggings—Mossimo for Target

Shoes—Ryka via

**Update**5-14-2011**: Visit Getting Fit Fabulously for my current favorite workout wear.  The Ryka Studio D is still my favorite shoe for zumba.  I am even exploring getting a second pair.