So Genteel

Prim and proper. This strapless dress is perfect for a Sunday afternoon soirée. The dress says elegance with its genteel floral print set to a soft green backdrop. For chillier days, and an alternative look,… View Post

Travel Chic

Clearly there is a God. And, she favors me highly. For a couple years, I’ve been secretly wishing that the Dooney & Bourke Medium Nile duffle would appear on my doorstep. That never happened. Instead,… View Post

What’s Old is New

Hmmm. So, Old Navy has been on a crusade to reinvent its image. To that I say, “Thank God for competition!” The new Old Navy delivers with items like this swingy, crimson red striped, French… View Post

It’s a Jungle Out There

So yeah. I have never been a fan of animal prints. But, I have to admit that a splash of animal adds an exotic touch to an outfit. This zebra-like print jacket with a single… View Post

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Simple and sensible. This week’s feature is a vintage Nordstrom leather satchel in a deep navy blue. It has a doctor’s bag style with a sturdy lined frame closure and a thick leather handle at… View Post