Making Statements

True. The boys did it first. But, we do it better! The vest is a statement piece this fall for women. And this grey, pin-striped vest is saying a lot. It easily transforms this purple,… View Post

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Sleek, sophisticated, seductive. A perfectly fitting little black dress is the epitome of style. And this silk dress is chic with its racy crisscross halter, ruched bodice, and inset waist adding just enough oomph to… View Post

Supersize ’em

It’s more than a fastener, but not quite jewelry. It’s the oversized button! This red cardigan is quite elegant partly because of its decorative cream stitching, but mostly because of its oversized, painted buttons. Khaki… View Post

Totally Suited

Matchy matchy. The pieces of this suit make great separates, but they certainly create magic when they come together. The jacket and wide-leg trousers are both constructed of a black cross dyed linen. The jacket… View Post

Battle of the Hardware Flats

Which one do I choose? This fall is all about flats. These two pairs are especially of-the-moment because they rock lots of shine and amazing attitude with their jazzy accents. On the left is a… View Post