How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt As An Off-The-Shoulder Top

There are a few Instagram style hacks for a classic button-down shirt, from wearing it as a skirt to wearing it as a tube top. I’ve been most fascinated by the transformation of a button-down into an off-the-shoulder top. I love the look, but I have concerns about the actual wearability of the styling. So, I tested it out in the St. Louis streets. And, the results surprised me.

Button shirt style hack

What I’m wearing:

Shirt (under $20) | Jeans (on sale) c/o | | Gucci skinny belt | Tote | Shoes c/o

Eyes: Urban Decay Born to Run palette c/o | Lip: Urban Decay Vice lipstick (Marfa) c/o

How To Achieve the Off-The-Shoulder Button Shirt Style Hack

The transformation is quite easy. All you have to do is unbutton the top half of a button-down, drape it over your shoulders, and tie or tuck at the waist.

Since I planned to actually wear this top out all day, I decided to drape it over one shoulder instead of both. I figured if it didn’t stay put, it would be easier to fuss over one shoulder instead of both.

This button shirt style hack undoubtedly makes a button-down shirt look much cooler and sexier. The overall look it creates is simply fantastic.

But, is it functional? Y’all, this style hack is suprisingly wearable. I did have a to adjust the drape of the shirt on my shoulder a few times, mostly to maintain the optimal drape. But, for the most part, it stays put.

Tip: I’ve found that trying this hack on an oversized shirt is best. By the way, this shirt is under $20 (shop it here and see it worn differently here)


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