How to Choose the Right Color for Your Winter Coat

Until about 3 years ago, I only wore black coats. I thought black was a prudent choice because it didn’t get dirty easily, it didn’t stand out too much, and it mostly went with everything. My color-loving self, though, was bored by my black coats. In 2013, while shopping an off-price store, I tried on this purple coat, bought it, and never purchased a black coat again. Today, I know that a colorful winter coat is the best choice for me.

J.Crew Factory City Coat Spicy Jade

Coat c/o St. Lous Premium Outlets | Turtleneck (similar) | Leggings

Ankle boots | Bag (similar) | Earrings

Common colors we typically choose among for a coat are black, navy, red, camel, grey, burgundy, and green. Keeping all other factors like fit, warmth, and silhouette constant, there are a few key questions I answer before splurging on a colorful coat.

1. What colors complement my existing wardrobe?

Most of my wardrobe is colorful, so it’s no surprise that I stopped wearing my black coats over the years. They weren’t the most complementary toppers. When I choose a coat in color, then, I gravitate towards colors that blend well with the colors I wear often. This jade coat made sense for me because it pairs perfectly with hues I enjoy wearing like burgundy, grey, and mustard.

2. Do I want a timeless coat?

This shade of green is very popular this season, and will likely continue to be for a few years. Will I like this shade of green in 2020 though? I’m not sure, but I’m okay with that uncertainty. If timelessness was a major concern of mine, I would’ve chosen the camel/tan version of this coat.

3. Do I want to stand out?

I love a coat that stands out in dreary winters. A standout coat in color can be like a well-needed dose of sunshine for me. Of course, if wearing a coat that becomes too notable was a concern, a neutral hue would be a better choice.

4. Am I comfortable embracing a bolder coat?

I’ve been eying the Ann Taylor Vine Print coat. Did you see that brilliant all-over vine print?   Stunning! When the coat went on sale (under $100 now), I seriously considered buying it. I decided against it, though, because I get bored very quickly with prints. So, I’m even more discerning when choosing a print coat than I am a colorful winter coat.

Colorful winter coat

What color is your coat?


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