Spring Showers: How to Dress on a Rainy Day

Is it just me, or have raincoats gotten increasingly stylish this year? I’ve seen a few fabulous styles that scream, “don’t let downpours drench your style, just put me on!” So, I’m taking heed. Today’s rainy day style is inspired by a raincoat, the J.Crew rain jacket. Just so you know, this jacket is also available in a rich gold and navy. Ultimately, it won my attention because it beautifully balances function and fashion with its figure-flattering silhouette and water-resistant fabric.

Talking about rainy day essentials, are you excited about the Hunter for Target collaboration? It launches on April 14th. The collection will offer Hunter boots, clothing and more at Target prices. That ought to be worth a look, right?


rainy day style

Rainy Day Style Essentials:

Raincoat | Tee | Jeans | Umbrella | Rain boots

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How to Make the Power Suit Trend Your Own

Power suits are holding strong and might even be one of the biggest trends for women this year. Are you excited about that too? What I especially love about this year’s version of the power suit trend is that it’s all about making it your own. And, power suits are super easy to adapt to your style. Read on for five ways to spin the trend your way.

Power Suit Trend

What I’m Wearing:

Red blazer (option) | Red pants (on sale!) | Pumps (option)

Earrings (14K gold and 50% off) | Mac Rebel lipstick

1. Structured or Drapey?

I usually favor more drapey silhouettes. So, it’s no surprise I opted for the Express stripe power suit (seen before here). If you, however, prefer structure, the perfect structured suit is also out there for you.

2. Neutrals or Bold color?

There’s nothing as chic, classic, and polished as a classic black suit. But, if you like bold colors, by all means, rock a power suit in your favorite hue. In today’s look, I decided to go red.

3. Favorite Blazer Style?

Double-breasted, single-button, cropped, boyfriend cut, the options are plentiful when it comes to finding a blazer that suits your taste. So, choose accordingly. Can you tell that a boyfriend blazer is my go-to?

4. Most Flattering Pants?

Skinny, wide-leg, high-waisted, ankle, tapered, drapey, there’s a pair of pants that best flatters your body. And, your power suit would be fabulous when anchored by those perfect pants.

5. Power Suit Styling?

Going to work? You’d probably layer your power suit to make it appropriate for the culture of your work place. Going out? The styling possibilities are endless. Open blazer, closed blazer, lace under the blazer, nothing under the blazer, the choice is all yours!

Location: Downtown, St. Louis

Shop the Power Suit Trend:

4 Important Things I’ve Learned about my Body from DNA

This post is in partnership with HomeDNA.

I’m turning 40 year this. One major goal I have as I count down to that milestone age is to feel the best I’ve ever felt. I’ve been stepping up my health and fitness goals. I’ve shared how I’ve been using technology to target and keep track of my fitness progress (see that post here). Last year, I was so blown away by the insights I gained about my skin (and its severe sensitivities) from a HomeDNA skin analysis. When I was given the opportunity to learn more about my body from a HomeDNA Healthy Weight Analysis, then, I seized the opportunity. And, just like my skin experience, I was floored by the insights I gained.

Before, I delve into what I learned, you must know how easy HomeDNA makes it to gather a sample. You receive a kit with an instruction booklet. The first step is setting up an online account using the code assigned to your kit. Doing so allows you to retrieve your results later. Then, using the four swabs included in the kit, you gather samples from inside your mouth. It’s as easy as swiping up and down. Next, you toss the swabs into the included sample envelope. Just like that, you’re on your way to insights about your body.

HomeDNA Healthy Weight Analysis

4 Things I’ve Learned about my Body from a HomeDNA Healthy Weight Analysis

1. My weight loss ability is below average. Yikes! Apparently, my body’s ability to lose weight from a program of regular diet and exercise is below average.

2. The optimal diet for me would balance complex carbohydrates with plant-based fats and proteins. I was particularly intrigued by the emphasis on plant-based sources for proteins and fats because I’ve been vegan for the last 10 years, and I’ve always felt like it was the best diet for me.

3. My DNA results indicate I have a higher risk of having low levels of key micronutrients. Some of these include B12 and vitamin D. As a vegan, I’ve been mindful about getting those nutrients since they do no not naturally occur in a typical vegan diet. Now, I’ll probably pay special attention to ensuring I get them.

4. My body’s response to strength training is enhanced but below average for cardio. Wow! When I introduced strength training, and I’m talking about serous lifting, into my fitness routine, my body completely transformed. So, this result is a kind of confirmation.

Now, the insights I shared today are only a snippet of what I received in my 30 page analysis. I received a detailed breakdown of results in 4 major categories, recommended diet plans, and even ideal workout regimens. Would you like this kind of information? Get $50 off your HomeDNA Healthy Weight Kit (making it a total of $69) using the code HW50 until 4/30.

How to Layer to Dress Down an Outfit

The holidays may long been over, but there are some holiday styles so fly that we might want to hang on to them until spring officially gets here. Velvet, last holiday’s most luscious fabric, is something I’m not quite ready to let go. So, to make one of my favorite velvet pieces, a velvet jumpsuit (seen before here), work right now, I’m doing some J.Crew-inspired layering to dress it down.

In a recent J.Crew style guide, the brand’s stylists used key denim pieces, like jean jackets and chambray shirts, to add a hip vibe to fancy tulle dresses and velvet items. I immediately saw myself doing something similar. My J.Crew Factory gingham shirt, an old favorite, has the perfect fit for layering. Furthermore, gingham has a casual vibe like chambray. So, I decided to see what it would look like layered under my jumpsuit. It worked.

Gingham shirt | Velvet jumpsuit (sold out) | Dot pumps (old) | Stunna lip paint

To add a spring element to this layered look, I added my old circle lace pumps to create a fun mix of prints with the gingham shirt.

Talking about layering, I have two beautiful 14K necklaces from Diamonds Direct that are also perfect for layering. They are both initial necklaces, a “P” in diamonds (get a closer look here) and an “S” etched in gold.

Layer necklaces

Location: Midtown, St. Louis

Cool shirts to layer with:

Fabulous Spring Arrivals from an Old Favorite

Real talk. I’ve been a little concerned about J.Crew’s future. One of the two stores in St. Louis is rumored to be closing. And, the other one has had half empty shelves since the holidays. And, of course, there are the headline-making administrative changes in the larger company over the last two years. Amidst all this, the latest J.Crew spring arrivals are giving me old J.Crew feels. I’m loving it all.

In today’s post, then, I’m rounding up some favorites. I can tell you now that I’ve already ordered the sandals, and it’s not even sandal season in St. Louis yet.

J.Crew Spring Arrivals

Stripe jumpsuit | Leopard sandals | Convertible clutch | Earrings | Sunglasses

Favorite J.Crew Spring Arrivals:

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