Non-Boring, Classic Sunglasses for Spring

Skinny sunnies. Wrap-around frames. Angular specs. Sunglasses are going futuristic in 2018. If you’re like me and not quite ready to embrace these popular styles, this post is for you. I’m rounding up some pretty cool, classic sunglasses that not only boast style but protect your eyes from the sun as well.

classic sunglasses

Classic Sunglasses:

Black sunnies | Red/green aviators

Blue striped frames | Red/blue aviators

Tortoise frames | Red striped sunnies

By the way, I already own the black pair. What can I say? I love a classic silhouette. And, this pair has a little flair with its polished metal details. Here’s how they look on me.

Get more details on this outfit here.

The Best Candy Stripes to Rock into Spring

I like my polka dots in black and white only, but my stripes? I love ’em candy colored, rainbow hued, just bright! When I first saw today’s featured purple striped shirt, it made me smile. Since I love getting that that joyful vibe from clothing, I purchased it. Just like that, my collection of candy stripes grew.

Candy Stripes

What I’m Wearing:

Purple striped shirt | White blazer | White jeans | Shoes (fun sandal option)

Warby Parker Hunt sunglasses c/o | Mac “Ambrosial” lipstick

For my first time wearing this purple striped shirt, I wanted it to pop. So, I wore it with all white. Remember my Denizen white ankle jeans (seen before here)? They’re a perfect partner for for these purple stripes.

This year, I’m trying to dress up my style more. So, I added my white blazer to give the casual combination a bit more polish. I think it did the trick.

Location: Mural at KDHX, St. Louis

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Affordable Ways to Lounge in Style this Weekend

Looking forward to a day when you can be lazy and stay in your pajamas all day? Me too! I can picture it now. Catching up on all the shows I didn’t have time to watch during the week. Discovering some new-to-me Netflix originals. Continuing that book I only made it halfway through. Have a day like that in your future? Affordable loungewear can take the experience to new comfy-style levels. So, I’ve rounded up some fly options in this post.

affordable loungewear

My loungewear: Yellow print v-neck sleep camiYellow print twill sleep boxers

Want to pamper your skin during your lazy weekend? Be sure to check out my favorite products for that here.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward This Spring

Pretty pastels. Kitten heels. Slides. Mules. I’m seriously excited about shoe trends this spring. I love fun footwear, and spring this year is all about bringing the party to your feet. As you can imagine, I’ve been busy adding shoes to my virtual wish lists. I decided, then, to share some of those styles today in a mini spring shoe guide. Check out all the styles below, including the stunning bow-embellished sandals. Whether you’re into PVC details, flats, or super-high heels, there’s something for everyone.

spring shoe guide

Spring Shoe Guide:

For cool ways to wear fun footwear, see here, here, and here.

Finding the Perfect Prints for You Comes down to This

Spring and summer 2018 are shaping up to be a print lover’s heaven! Stripes, black and white polka dots, pop culture prints, florals, logos, bold abstracts, they’re all dominating style trends this year. But, where do you begin when choosing the perfect prints for yourself?

How to choose the perfect prints

What I’m wearing:

Old DVF dress (love this) | Kate Spade clutch (old) | 14K gold chevron earrings |

Red lip | Nails: OPI Lavendurable

I could tell you that you should consider your shape, size, and height when choosing prints. And, there’s some sound advice there. Ultimately, however, you should choose prints that inspire, flatter, and suit your style sensibilities. Any trendy print that fails to do just that should be a pass.

This might come as a surprise to you, but I’m short. Ha. Seriously, I’m only 5’4.” Fashion convention would warn me stay away from bold, all-over prints because they overwhelm my smaller frame. What do I do? I spot a DVF dress in the boldest, all-over, red twirl print, and I buy it. Why? Because the print inspires me, flatters me, and suits my style sensibilities.

Location: Central West End

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