How to Look Good When it’s Freezing Outside

Thank you Gallery for sponsoring this post. Stay stylish and cozy in a new Gallery jacket this winter!

Brrr! I woke up to 18 degrees today in St. Louis. It’s officially that part of Fall that’s no longer cool. Layers aren’t just fun and stylish options anymore, they are necessary. While it’s certainly challenging to maintain your style when outside feels like an icebox, it’s not impossible. Here’s what I do.

1. Choose a stunning and warm coat

I’ve actually been excited about the first serious St. Louis freeze because I was ready for it with my new quilted jacket (get it for only $99 here). This jacket packs some serious style and more importantly, some serious warmth. It’s by Gallery, a premium outerwear manufacturer producing classically tailored, timeless pieces since 1965.

This fabulous quilted jacket (find out more here) has a fitted silhouette, flannel sleeves, and the right amount of insulation to ward off the chills. Additional details like corduroy piping on the pockets and high-shine hardware just boast the superior quality that Gallery is known for. My jacket is made so well that I envision being able to wear it for many years.

2. Wrap a scarf around it.

Scarves are the perfect cold-weather accessories to show off your style sensibilities. I love modern, graphic prints and bold colors, so all my scarves embody those qualities.

Gallert Quilted Jacket

3. Play with warm textures.

From velvet to flannel to corduroy, in addition to being warm, cold-weather fabrics offer unique opportunities to mix and match. My Gallery quilted jacket (shop it here) did a lot of the styling work for me with its striking mixed media design.

To step it up a notch, I paired my velvet leggings (seen before here) with the jacket. Y’all know I love to mix and match. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that has to stop.

4. Step out in fabulous boots

You know the expression, “the shoes make the outfit,” right? That doesn’t change just because it’s cold. A great pair of boots can make an outfit. I always reach for tall boots when it’s as cold as it is today.

Location: South Grand, St. Louis

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How to Dress Up Your Jeans for the Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans.

When the dress code allows, I almost always prefer to wear jeans to events. So, as the holiday season approaches, and I’m beginning to plan outfits, I surely intend to throw a few sophisticated denim looks into the mix.  This year, I’ve been downsizing my wardrobe to curate a small and functional closet. So, dressing up my favorite jeans instead of purchasing glitzy dresses for every occasion is a move in the right direction.

You all already know that I’m a fan of DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans (see how I style my favorite pairs here and here). Well, DENIZEN® has taken things up a notch for the holidays with a few new styles. I’m most excited about the High-Rise Ankle Straight Jeans. High-rise bottoms are so of the moment. They have the perfect silhouette to complement fall’s favorite tops, from bodysuits to blouses with statement sleeves. The right pair is easy to glam up for the holidays too. So, I’m doing just that in today’s post.

This denim glam look is anchored by DENIZEN® High-Rise Ankle Straight Jeans in the color Sunny, the darker of two available shades. I spotted them in-store in Target (also available online) one day, and I had to try them on. Once I got them on, I immediately noticed how super-stretchy they were. These jeans have a very polished and structured look, so I was pleased by the comfy fit. By the way, I’m wearing the jeans in a size 4.

I, then, fell instantly for the high-rise waist. The rise on these jeans make them perfect for tucking your favorite tops in to show off your curves. Look how perfect my statement sleeve white shirt looks when paired with these jeans.

The high-waist feature of these jeans also makes them perfect for belting. And, a belt is an ideal choice for adding a little holiday bling to denim. Who needs a sequin dress when you can just add a little bling to your favorite jeans, right?

As a shorter woman, I’m here for an ankle length pair of jeans. And, the length of this pair is just right for balancing my shorter frame while showing off my shoes. Of course, since it’s the holiday season, you can find me wearing sparkly pumps with my jeans everywhere and anywhere.

After rocking these jeans for an entire day, I can report that just like other pairs of premium denim from DENIZEN® jeans, this new style holds its shape all day long. All day long!

How do you work your wardrobe to meet the style demands of the holiday season?

holiday jeans      

Location: Central West End, St. Louis

Sheer is in: The Daring Trend You Must Wear Now

Sheer tops have been quietly dominating trends this year. And, this fall and winter, the trend is holding strong. The style is a tad daring because of its skin-baring qualities. But it doesn’t have to be frightening because you don’t have to bare it all. These tops are perfect for striking that perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. Today’s post shares a couple ways I’ve been rocking the style. Scroll to the end of the post for all my favorite sheer blouses currently available.

1. Sheer lace top with bandeau bra | Original post

2. Same sheer lace top as an under layer | Original post

3. Sheer polka dot blouse with strapless bra | Original post

Sheer tops

Shop My Favorite Sheer Tops:

How is it Almost 2018? Time to Plan!

Planners gonna plan! 2017 has been quite a whirlwind for me. For you too? To keep up and stay organized, I made a decision to switch planners during the year. I needed a planner that allowed me to outline my day by hour with additional space for important tasks and to-dos. After doing extensive research on available planners, and there are so many options on the market, I decided that the Day Designer Mini Daily Planner was THE one.

Day Designer Planner

You may have peeped the planner in my How to Save for the Styles You Really Want post. Seriously, I take it everywhere I go when I’m working. It helps that it looks super fashionable. This spotty print is my favorite, but it comes in other fabulous styles like gold stripes, florals, and more.

The Day Designer Daily Planner features a two-page month spread for all 12 months. I love being able to see the deadlines for major projects in the context of a month. One thing I had to get used to was the Monday start to the week in the Day Designer world.

The ultimate feature of the Day Designer planner that won me over was the layout of the daily pages.
  • On this mini style, the daily planning pages are scheduled from 7am to 7pm. I use this part of the schedule to note meetings, submission deadlines, and even my workouts.
  • Each daily page has a section for the top 3 to-dos. I love this feature because my to-do lists can sometimes be a tad ambitious. The items I label as ‘top 3,’ though, are the things I tackle first and make sure I complete that day.
  •  There’s lots of space in the full to-do list, complete with a check box. I feel accomplished (and relieved) when I can check things off my list in a day.
  • At the bottom of each daily page is a section for notes and a daily gratitude box. I’ve been trying to make practicing gratitude a habit; so, I make a note of what I’m grateful for every day. I love that I can write that right in my planner.

If you’re shopping for a new planner, definitely check out this Day Designer style. My life in 2017 felt well-designed because of mine.

How to Wear One Jumpsuit to ALL the Holiday Parties

Remember my velvet jumpsuit (shop it here)? I bought it as an option for New Year’s Eve, but I’ve already worn it twice this holiday season. And, that was the plan, y’all. I’ve committed to buying as little as possible to get through the holiday party season. To do that, I’m relying on a few pieces that I know can be styled and restyled. This black velvet jumpsuit is one of those go-tos because its silhouette allows me to layer under and over, which offers serious styling possibilities.

Velvet jumpsuit (shop it in 3 colors here) | Lace blouse (similar, option) | Pumps (similar) | Belt

Both times I’ve worn the jumpsuit so far, it’s been too cold to wear alone. So, I turned to layering to make the outfit weather appropriate and to make it look fresh. I wore it with a white blazer the first time (get details on that look here). Last weekend, I decided to layer under the jumpsuit to create an outfit for a fashion show.

Express velvet jumpsuit

For the fashion show, I layered an old lace blouse (see it worn before here) under the jumpsuit, and the combination was magical. Looking for a sheer blouse to layer under your go-to party dress or jumpsuit? This sheer mesh blouse and this fitted sheer blouse would be perfect.

Instead of wearing the self-tie belt I usually rock with this one piece, I wore my Gucci skinny belt to introduce a new texture to look.

And, since it is the holiday season, I wore my glitter pumps. If you can’t be a little extra during the holiday season then when can you? Am I right? Lol.

All in all, finding a solid piece that allows you to layer over and under makes styling through the holidays a breeze.

Location: St. Louis Union Station Hotel