Honey’s Child Boutique Triumphs with Crazy Sexy Curves

Popular Honey’s Child Boutique owner and fashion stylist Letitia McPherson Young held her first solo fashion event last Sunday at the stunning ANEW Rooftop in Grand Center. The event, titled Crazy Sexy Curves, offered guests a creative and interactive fashion experience that went down without a hitch.

I caught up with Letitia before the event to get some insights into what motivates her work in this industry, and she had this to say:

 “I’ve worked really hard to ensure that plus size women are not shunned, but that they have a place in this industry. I see myself constantly raising the bar higher and higher. Honey’s Child has been around almost 6 years as every year we’ve gotten better and better!”

Crazy Sexy Curves aimed to offer a unique fashion experience to the St. Louis scene. Here’s what Letitia had to say about the approach she chose for the event:

“This event will definitely push the envelope of fashion shows in St Louis. We are ripping UP the runway and giving our guests an opportunity to be participants! Sometimes it’s hard to really see pieces when someone is swiftly strutting down the runway. But with our event you will experience fashion on a different level. Having the opportunity to see the details in hair, makeup and fashion is going to be groundbreaking for our area!”

Honey's Child Boutique

As an extra special treat, the event was hosted by Marie Denee aka The Curvy Fashionista, one of the most influential voices in the plus size fashion arena.

It was an honor to meet and hang out with Marie Denee, a special perk VIP guests enjoyed. Of course, I was especially curious to hear how Marie felt about being in St. Louis for an event like this one. Here’s what she had to say:

“It’s cool to be in St. Louis because I get to see a different pocket of the plus size fashion scene and how it’s grown over the years. I’m always excited to see how each city does things in its own way. That’s always refreshing because everyone brings their own spin to things. And, it’s so important to continue to have events, no matter how big or small, because they all matter.”

Crazy Sexy Curves achieved its goal. The live look books presented the latest looks in plus size swimwear, poolside glam, and resort wear. Models represented the range of Honey’s Child Boutique’s shoppers, and more importantly, they showed that it is possible to be sexy at any size. Crazy Sexy Curves was a not-to-be-missed experience of a high calibre I hadn’t seen in St. Louis until now. Browse the slideshows below for highlights from the event.

Honey’s Child Boutique Swimwear

Honey’s Child Boutique Resort Wear

Shop Honey’s Child Boutique online here.

Disclosure: I attended Crazy Sexy Curves as press. As always, all of the images and ideas are my own.

Tomboy-Cool Essentials to Wear this Summer

My approach to styling tends to be juxtaposing seemingly dissimilar styles. For example, I like mixing high-end items with bargain buys. I also like pairing unlike prints together. This summer, I’m especially fond of mixing menswear elements into my style. So, in today’s post, I rely on a few tomboy-cool essentials to jazz up my spring and summer style.

Tomboy-Cool Summer Style

Tunic (option) | Jeans (c/0) | Hat (under $10) | Flats (c/o) | Earrings (c/o)

Tomboy-Cool Essentials to Wear this Summer

1. A button-up tunic. There’s nothing as fresh and versatile as a breezy tunic in the summertime. This J.Crew Factory style (on sale) is a staple for me. I own it in chambray.

2. Fedora or Panama hat. See a few fabulous styles in The Best Bargain Straw Hats for Summer

3. Loafers. These leather loafers by Pic & Pay retail for under $50. They’re fly and extremely comfortable.

How to Keep Your Natural Hair and Style Protected at Night

I celebrated 20 years of rocking my natural hair this year. 2o years relaxer-free and loving it! To mark the milestone, I decided to do something that I’ve always wanted to do with my hair—I chopped it all off! Why? After wearing locs for 8 years, my tapered fro for several years, and my big fro for even more years, I wanted the easiest style I’ve ever had. And, y’all, my drop fade is that style I’ve been longing for. Today, I’m sharing how I’ve adjusted to maintaining this new do, from the simple routine to the trusted products I rely on to keep my hair looking fresh and fashionable.

How I Keep My Natural Hair and Style Protected at Night with a Slap

One of the benefits of a super short natural hair cut is that wash days went from hours to mere minutes. So, I wash my hair all the time. Since I’ve been working out at night, and I’m such a head sweater, I wash my hair in the evenings now. To cut down on the need to wash (or even just wet) my hair again the next morning, I wash and style my hair at night. But, what about bed head when I sleep? My go-t0 product for keeping my style locked in while I sleep—a Slap (Satin-Lined Cap) by Grace Eleyae—keeps bed head at bay.

Grace Eleyae Slap

When I was first introduced to the slap a year ago, I knew it would be a product I would love because it met several of my hair’s needs. Because of its satin lining and elastic band, a slap is the perfect sleep cap because it stays in place all night and hence keeps the hair moisturized while sleeping.

As if that wasn’t enough, slaps are quite fashionable and look good enough to style on the go as well. Remember when I traveled in a slap?

Get 10% off your first slap by clicking here.

With my new short cut, I simply need to fluff my hair with my fingers (or a pick) in the mornings when I remove my slap. And, my hair is ready for the day.

If you haven’t discovered the protective and style powers of a slap, what are you waiting for? Use this link to receive 10% off your first purchase.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size? I Was!

This post is sponsored by Wacoal. As always, all of the opinions, ideas, and images are my own.

6 years, y’all! It had been 6 years since my last proper bra fitting. How did I let that happen? When the bands on my favorite bras started clinging too tightly, I knew it was time to visit the Wacoal Outlet at Taubman Prestige Outlets. I headed there in search of some well-needed relief.

Of course, I wanted to hear that there was a better-fitting bra out there for me. But, I also shuddered at the possibility of that news because good quality bras are expensive, and I would need a few. I’m excited to share I found a better fit, and just as important, bestselling basics at full price and fashion colors at outlet prices make it affordable to rebuild your bra collection.

The Wacoal Bra Fitting Experience at Taubman Prestige Outlets

When I walked into the Wacoal Outlet, I was greeted by Rhonda who whisked me away to a fitting room when I mentioned I needed a fitting. By the way, bra fittings are always complimentary at the Wacoal Outlet Store.

Wacoal Bra Fitting

I got comfortable in my fitting room before getting undressed (on the top). Once undressed, Rhonda came back into my room with measuring tape in hand to quickly work her magic (the whole fitting took about 15 minutes). What happened next shocked me. Rhonda informed me that I was a size I had never been told before. Gasp. No wonder my band has been pinching my back all year. In fact, women are encouraged to get fit at least every 6 months since weight gain or loss of 5 pounds or more, or pregnancy, can alter your bra size.

Rhonda then started bringing bras into my fitting room. Lots of bras. All kinds of bras.

She brought classic t-shirt bras with the molded cups. These have long been my go-to style because of how smooth and seamless they are under clothing.

She also brought in light and airy lace bras, including a style (the pink one below) that Oprah swears by. I tried on every single bra that my fitter suggested.

4 Fit Points

As I tried on each bra, I watched my fitter do her thing, carefully checking all 4 fit points to ensure a proper fit. She checked the band, the straps, the center gore, and the cup. Every bra in my new size was a hit according to the fit points. I could tell immediately because of how comfortable and supportive they felt.

I usually favor molded bras, but in this fitting, I quickly realized that I had been missing out on something. The sheer lace bras were my favorites because of how they fit and felt on my body. That was a huge surprise for me.

Once I chose my favorite styles, I wanted to explore all the color options, so we reviewed the available options online as well as any coordinating pieces. I decided on the smooth t-shirt and lacy underwire bra from the Embrace Lace Collection (shown above in grey, also available in tons of other colors).

Trust me. If you’re overdue for a bra fitting, the Wacoal Outlet is a must stop. You get a free fitting with a Wacoal fit expert. Furthermore, when you fall in love with a bra, fashion colors are up to 30% less than regular retail prices, and there are weekly special promotions for even more savings. Win-win!

If you are in the St. Louis area, I highly recommend visiting our Wacoal Outlet Store located at Taubman Prestige Outlets. Mention this blog post and receive an additional 25% off select styles!!! This offer is only valid on in-store purchases at the Wacoal Outlet Store.

The Best Bargain Straw Hats for Summer

Now that I’ve chopped off my hair, none of my hats fit. I never thought I would be able to say this (big head and all), but my hats are actually too big. Replacing my collection, though, is going to be easy and affordable because my favorite hats cost less than $20. Actually, most of them retail for under $10 (see my all-time favorite style here).  Click through the widget below to find out where I buy these bargain straw hats.

Bargain straw hats

Best Bargain Straw Hats for Summer