Where To Find Cloth Masks Online

Well, it looks like wearing masks might be our normal for a while. Since cloth masks have to be washed after each use, it might be good idea to have a couple in rotation. If you don’t feel like DIY-ing it or you’re having difficulty finding a local maker, a few online retailers are now making masks. Forewarning: many sold out in seconds, but the retailers below either have them in stock right now or have promised to restock shortly.

I’m wearing the TouchDolls Fefe mask. Yes, this “F” is fun, not to be confused with the other designer “F” we love. To be honest, I’d never heard of this brand before, but I kept seeing Instagram ads and decided to explore the options. There are several print options ($15 each).

Cloth masks

Cloth masks from our favorite online retailers:

Cloth masks

1. Gap, 2 pack $10 | 2. Mother Denim, 2 pack $30 | 3. Vida, 2 pack $18, single $10

4. Madewell | 5. J.Crew, 3 pack $18 | 6. RE/DONE, single $20

7. Michael Stars, 2 pack $32 | 8. Rag & Bone, single $30

Bonus: Steve Madden, $14.95 each

For more ways to incorporate wearing a mask into your style, see here and here (DIY option)


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