How is it Almost 2018? Time to Plan!

Planners gonna plan! 2017 has been quite a whirlwind for me. For you too? To keep up and stay organized, I made a decision to switch planners during the year. I needed a planner that allowed me to outline my day by hour with additional space for important tasks and to-dos. After doing extensive research on available planners, and there are so many options on the market, I decided that the Day Designer Mini Daily Planner was THE one.

Day Designer Planner

You may have peeped the planner in my How to Save for the Styles You Really Want post. Seriously, I take it everywhere I go when I’m working. It helps that it looks super fashionable. This spotty print is my favorite, but it comes in other fabulous styles like gold stripes, florals, and more.

The Day Designer Daily Planner features a two-page month spread for all 12 months. I love being able to see the deadlines for major projects in the context of a month. One thing I had to get used to was the Monday start to the week in the Day Designer world.

The ultimate feature of the Day Designer planner that won me over was the layout of the daily pages.
  • On this mini style, the daily planning pages are scheduled from 7am to 7pm. I use this part of the schedule to note meetings, submission deadlines, and even my workouts.
  • Each daily page has a section for the top 3 to-dos. I love this feature because my to-do lists can sometimes be a tad ambitious. The items I label as ‘top 3,’ though, are the things I tackle first and make sure I complete that day.
  •  There’s lots of space in the full to-do list, complete with a check box. I feel accomplished (and relieved) when I can check things off my list in a day.
  • At the bottom of each daily page is a section for notes and a daily gratitude box. I’ve been trying to make practicing gratitude a habit; so, I make a note of what I’m grateful for every day. I love that I can write that right in my planner.

If you’re shopping for a new planner, definitely check out this Day Designer style. My life in 2017 felt well-designed because of mine.


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