Styling in a Cozy Sweater Vest for Under $20

What’s olive green, cozy, stylish, and under $20? This sweater vest, y’all! Vests are such stylish choices for layers this fall. You’ve seen me rock them here, here, here, and here. So, when I spotted today’s featured sweater vest with its right-on-trend color, shawl color, and angled pockets, I was an instant fan. When I saw the price, though, I became its owner. How this luxe-looking olive sweater vest is only $19.99 is a puzzle I don’t even want to understand.


Tee | Sweater vest | Joggers | Bag | Pumps (option) | Sunglasses | Earrings


I wore my olive sweater vest to a networking event during my recent Marriott St. Louis Grand stay. The sweater vest was the perfect topper to tie together a simple combination of a white tee and black joggers. Don’t you also love the beautiful color synergy among white, black, and olive? This color mix might be a new favorite of mine.

Olive sweater vest

To dress up the look, I wore some J.Crew Elsie pumps. I love this particular pair of Elsie pumps so much because of its colorful woven fabric. It makes the shoes an easy choice for many outfits. I’ll continue to shop J.Crew shoes as long as the retailer keeps offering this style.


I did a What’s in My Bag (the small crossbody bag edition) post recently. Today, you see that suede crossbody bag in action. The bag’s wine color really popped against that combination of white, black, and olive.



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