Saint Louis Fashion Week: Glow Runway Show

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The grand finale of Spring Saint Louis Fashion Week was the Glow runway show featuring St. Louis boutiques and designers—Blush10Denza, Devil City, KayOss Designs, Paulie Gibson, and Michael Drummond.

For the first time during Saint Louis Fashion Week, fashion bloggers sat in the front row, giving us the perfect vantage point from which to cover the event.

Fashion bloggers: Carol, me, Rachael, Lorena, and Kelsey

Review of the Show:

The final show was electric and exciting from the designs to the intensity in the eyes of our local models.

Live dog handbag by Kay Oss Designs.  Photo credit: Alive Magazine

Blush Boutique kicked off the show, distinguishing itself from other presenters by showcasing a Spring collection featuring stripes, chevron, and color-blocking.

The 10Denza collection was a crowd-pleaser.  The first model stepped out to the tune of “Welcome to Jamrock” immediately signaling that something irie was about to go down.  It was a red checked men’s suit paired with a polka dot top that got the crowd revved up and ready to go.  The entire collection was print-astic.

KayOss Designs sent shockwaves throughout the crowd when one of her models strutted the runway with a live dog handbag.  Her convertible cowl neck/hoodies and intricate lace pieces may have been upstaged by the pooch bag, but they didn’t go unnoticed.

Devil City rocked the runway with a retro collection that used houndstooth prints, stars, and stripes.  The look of the pieces evoked post modern chic, though some of the styling (shoe and other accessory choices) seemed to detract a bit from the look of the pieces.

Paulie Gibson’s line may have been for men, but everyone (men and women) was taking note of how he masterfully played with blue hues and prints.  Emerald may be the color of the year, but Paulie Gibson’s collection made you think it was blue.

Michael Drummond’s collection, rightfully dubbed “The Exquisite Corpse,” offered a dramatic end to the show.  The pieces were dark and detailed.  The collection kept you at the edge of your seat wondering how some pieces were draped and how long it would be before you could get into one of the jumpsuits.

For images of the entire runway show, see professional shots on Alive magazine.


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