Monday, February 27, 2012

Banana Republic Annie Faux Wrap Dress

I tried on Banana Republic's Annie faux wrap dress back in January.  I loved it and wanted it then.  I mean, from the allover animal print to the flattering faux wrap style, what's not to love?

The dress retails for $98, which is on the low side for BR dresses.  But, when you know how BR so quickly slashes prices, why pay retail?

Last Saturday, I stopped into a local BR store for the secret envelope sale.  Everyone who entered the store received an envelope with a discount ranging from 30% to 50% off.  I received a 30% off card.  Darn it!

The offer was also valid on sale items though.  And guess what was sitting on a rack already deeply discounted? The Banana Republic Annie faux wrap dress in my size!  It was marked down to $59.99, so I got it for $42.

For Work:

DressBanana Republic
BlazerBanana Republic Factory Store
ShoesFranco Sarto via Marshalls


  1. I have that dress too, purchased it during the one-time special for military families - 50% off full-priced items. The fit is very flattering! Love how you paired it with the blazer. Now I'll be hunting for that blazer (LOL).
    Thanks for the fashion tips!

  2. The dress looks great on you. I bought a BR faux wrap dress not long ago but it hits below my knees (not flattering)...I should have gone with petite sizing.

  3. I tried this dress, but the print was overpowering. I bought the black version of this dress however I cannot wear it to work lol lol let's just say I look to darn sexy lol lol lol even with a blazer. I had the opportunity to wear it to a funeral with a striped black and white blazer. My only complaint of wearing this dress in the winter was the static with the hosiery. Do you have any static tricks that excludes hairspray.

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  5. I love this look, especially with the blazer. Also, you are rocking the short do and making me want to chop my hair into a chic style!!!

  6. I love this look, especially with the blazer. Also, you are rocking the short do and making me want to chop my hair into a chic style!!!

  7. @Mica: Indeed. The print and fit made it a must-have for me.

    @Corrinne: You got a great deal too! This dress is quite flattering. It makes me look extra shapely. Ha.

    @Tina: Yes, I also found many of the wrap dresses too long. This one is a tad longer than I would usually like, but it didn't come in petite.

    @Losing and Eating Healthy: I know exactly what you mean re: the print and the fit. The dress does look especially sexy from the back. When I get static cling, I take some lotion and rub on the tights. I've heard that dampening a used dryer sheet also helps.

    @Mae: Thanks! I'm glad I found an additional use for this blazer because I don't get to wear it a lot. I am having lots of fun with my short do again. I'm planning to grow out it a bit though.

  8. This is great! I love how you did black tifhts with black shoes. I just ordered the current version for myself.